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Where We Come From

We all came from different neighborhoods, different elementary schools feeding into different middle schools but we all ended up together to form a unique graduating class at F.J. Reitz on the cusp of history in the making. We all came together at Reitz, but we all started close to home. Here is where we want to put some photos of those early days. Periodically we will be restructuring this section so that we can stay organized as people submit additional photos. We will add what names we know, but welcome any help


Come on, people, we know those pictures are out there....Let’s see’um!



Photo of Marcia Oistad Stocker (l.) and Janeece Scherzinger Rohner (r.) courtesy of Susan Morrison Wehrfritz


Patty Qualls and Tom Waterman hard at work on the class lists

milt and nancy

Nancy Layson Burke, hard at work. I might have been shopping on Ebay but I’m not telling.


Blame it all on Linda Lively. She started it.

Pam Carroll Oldham, Nancy Layson Burke and Linda Lively Yuan at the Westside Applebee’s

forest hills church 1957

left to right, top to bottom: photo courtesy Linda Martin Barnett, names from Nancy Layson Burke

Nancy Layson, Steve Carlisle, Ricky Lashley, Linda Straub, Linda Martin
Emma Ray, Marilee Ray, Debbie Fischer, Sylvia McDowell, Diana Estep, Delores ?
Terry Hurt

A Centennial Reunion: A long road from Kindergarten

Patty Qualls, Tom Waterman, Barbara Breedlove Walsh, Linda Lively Yuan

Centennial reunion02

Another Applebee’s event with Milton Yuan, Linda Lively Yuan, Linda Brame Gamblin, Terry Gamblin, Patty Qualls, Nancy Layson Burke, Gaye Brown Gurksnis and Tom Gurksnis.


Patty, Nancy, Gayle and Linda

jess kindergarten

St. Marks UCC Kindergarten


Back row: Jess Searle, Ronnie Lenn, Pam Carroll, Johnthon Ju, Bobby Wolf

Front row: Angela Hempen, Allan Weiss, Kent Black; Kenny Streuh, Tommy Townsend, Steve Deig, Janelle Buschkill

Tom's mom Ruth was the teacher.

Below: Another April 8 inspired gathering of friends:

Barbara Breedlove Walsh, Emma Gilham, Dianna Blake, Beth Swope, Diana Blake Gordon

Gayle and Susie

A photo of Gayle Brown Gurksnis and Susie Morrison Weyrfritz in Colorado

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